"I love Thomas' enthusiasm and positive attitude, and am in awe of his expertise. I had dozens of 'aha!' moments during our time together and learned more about color from him than I have from any other source."


Sarah P

"Thomas was a very helpful teacher - he was able to zero in on the weaknesses in my paintings and guide me in how to improve and strengthen them. I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking to improve their painting skills."


Dave M

Thomas Jefferson Kitts

Books and DVDs can help you grow as an artist but they lack a critical component: You can't ask ask questions or get immediate feedback. Nor do they substitute for the natural back and forth which develops between you and your teacher over time.

Workshops are great, but they often end before you've learned everything you want to know. Online mentoring allows you to receive instruction in your own studio over a longer period of time and to work at your own speed. Mentoring can help you expand your skills and find your voice – two things which are hard to achieve with workshops alone...

Will your computer and internet work?

If you purchased a computer or tablet in the last seven years you should have all the hardware you need. All the software that makes this possible happens on our side. Once you connect all you have to do is learn.

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Study in the comfort of your own home or studio, from anywhere in the world. Travel can be expensive. Now you can meet with Thomas to discuss your work, learn a new technique, and get advice about paintings in progress. You can also discuss other concerns, such as how to sell your work, how to find representation, and how to submit to contests and competitions. As long as your concerns relate to art, the sky is the limit.

Work with a professional who has over thirty five years of painting and teaching experience. Thomas Jefferson Kitts taught painting for ten years at the college level. Now he teaches private workshops and tutors artists worldwide. (visit: www.thomaskitts.com for more information.) His teaching skills, practical knowledge, and grasp of art history are effective educational tools.

“Thomas takes time with every participant and tunes his helpful comments to their level. This was a great opportunity to spend time with a very experienced painter generous with his knowledge.”


Marie-Claire, Belgium

"Thomas is an entertaining, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor.”


Leslie, California