If a mentorship with Thomas sounds ideal to you click the link below...


AskAnArtist is an interactive online classroom. It is a live face-to-face connection that allows you to learn from an expert painter in the comfort of your studio, from anywhere in the world. 


While connected, you can present images of your work in real time and receive immediate feedback. Thomas can demonstrate the points he wants to make by digitally directing your eye and changing the painting, or referring to work from a master artist as a comparison. If you wish, you can interrupt Thomas with a question or request he go into greater detail on a particular topic. The conversation flows as if you are both in the same studio.


Thomas respectfully critiques your work and offers practical ways to improve it. He draws upon a large body of knowledge to explain complex artistic concepts. In the end, the guidance and mentoring you receive will motivate you to push yourself further than you have before.