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"Preparing to Go On"

24 x 20 inches | oil on panel

Thomas Jefferson Kitts

Your goals will define the direction of your mentorship. Whether you want to learn a new technique, to become better at designing and composing a painting, or just receive a few quick critiques to measure your progress, the length and focus of your mentorship is up to you. My role is to assist you by sharing the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over three decades of painting.


Here are a few ways you can use AskAnArtist:


1. You can receive respectful and insightful critiques of your work. We can compared your paintings to the master artists you admire and we can draw parallels between their work and yours.


2. We can analyze a body of your work to determine what your strengths and weakness are. (And of course, follow this up with suggestions as to how to improve your work in general.)


3. You can start and finish a painting with help and guidance. You check in at the start and continue checking in as your painting progresses.


3. You can identify and fill in gaps unaddressed by previous schooling or instruction. There are important concepts that are iniversal – ideas, principles, and methods which relate to color, composition, brushwork, and paint handling. Topics which have often been overlooked or left unaddressed in the past.


4. You can check in periodically to measure your progress, with advice and suggestions focused the future. A sort of oil and lube check up every now and then.


5. If it is your dream, you can learn what is required to make a living with your art. You can anticipate practical concerns such as how to gather up a body of work, how to find representation, how to promote and sell your work yourself, and mostly importantly, how to maintain a sense of joy and play and experimentation once you have gone pro.


These are only a few suggestions of what you can do with AskAnArtist. The question is, what would you like to do?

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