"I enjoy being taught by Thomas Jefferson Kitts in his “Ask an Artist” program. He is an excellent teacher -insightful and patient. He has inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all the hard work he put into this program. It’s meant so much to me, since I have a full time job, responsibilities at home etc. and don’t have the time for full time classes. This method allows the student to take notes, have them recorded and really digest the material to move forward between sessions. I’m looking forward to my next class. I have a ways to go but at least I have some guidance now. 


Chris B.

This video is a first session with Christopher, to give you an idea of how we can begin. Christopher is a dedicated self-taught painter living in the Washington DC area. He has a great love for the French Barbizon School and wants to focus on elements which define the movement when he paints en plein air.

Here is an impromptu tutorial on placing circles into perspective. One day, in the middle of a session about sketching from life, Jacqueline asked how to make lily pads sit on the surface of a pond.  Her question prompted a quick lesson about how to make ellipses fit into the picture plane. It also prompted some helpful homework for her. The best thing about AskAnArtist is the way you can direct the instruction... 

This is a video that focuses on oil painting materials. Nithya lives in Munich, Germany, and has been working with me for over a year. This clip is from a June 2019 session. We covered a lot of things before this video, such as how to use warm and cool similar hues to convey the color of light, how to mass shapes with values, and how to use those masses to compose. At this point, she wanted to talk tech about materials and processes, and focus on the more nuanced aspects of painting.